Why Should I Rent and Not Buy A Printer


In past years, the demand for office equipment in UAE has increased in leaps and bounds. There are more brands and industries opening offices in Dubai. It is rapidly becoming a corporate hub in the Middle East. On this note, the demand for printing reports, brochures, flyers, official documents, agreements, financial guarantees, etc. is also increasing at a rapid rate. It is preferable to rent a printer from a reliable company, such as Printone, then to directly purchase the machine. The measure has long-term benefits for your business. Enterprises can think of this strategy as there are some very good reasons to back it up.


One of the crucial aspects in any office is budgeting for office equipment and related operational activities. Why would you buy a printer or multiple printers when you can easily rent the equipment? You can simply manage the issue by paying in small installments to the concerned service provider. The result will be in the form of a huge reduction in expenses. Also, consider the profit that the leased printer will generate for the business. It can take the form of an asset.


Undoubtedly, when you are running a business in UAE, you like to reduce the taxation costs. It can be significantly achieved by renting printers, especially for an office with a large infrastructure. The overall bill for your taxes witnesses a sharp decrease from an annual perspective. Also, the payment for the rented equipment is not immediate, and almost never in full at one go. There are friendly conditions that allow you to pay the rent in monthly or quarterly installments, in most of the cases.

Easily Upgrade to A New Model

An important point to note that office equipment like a printer is not a business asset whose value will carry on appreciating over time. Instead, the value of a printer depreciates over time. The wise thing to do is rent a printer to avoid the worries for depreciation. Also, it is an excellent way to upgrade the technology of your business infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

Multi-Functional Utility

Yet another valid reason to rent a printer is the scope of using multi-functional devices or tools increases considerably. The service provider in UAE generally has printers with efficient multi-functional capabilities that improve productivity for your business. Hence, there is more benefit that you can extract.

Preserve Working Capital

Another important aspect of renting a printer is you can reduce the initial outlay when you are planning strategies for equipment purchase.

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