Three Main Types of Floor Cleaning Machines

The first thing that you notice after entering a space is how neat and clean it looks. The shiny look of the white floor that you see at most commercial spaces does not fade away because of the regular cleaning that takes place. Floor cleaning products Dubai can take care of the cleaning job wonderfully. There are different varieties to choose from according to your preferences.

Let us explore the three main types of floor cleaning machines and their features.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

This is an ideal method of cleaning for spaces larger than 50 square meters. It is not practical to clean such large spaces by traditional methods like sweeping or mopping. You need a more advanced cleaning tool that is both quick and efficient. Automatic floor scrubbers clean by using a cleaning solution. The dirt is scrubbed from the floor and the dirty solution is vacuumed up. It is safe for cleaning timber floors as well.

The bristles of the scrubbing brushes are soft and tough at the same time. Grease, wax and stains are easily removed while not causing damage to the texture of the floor. The machine has a rubber roller at the back to soak the moisture left after cleaning. The cleaner contains two tanks that hold the cleaning solution and the waste water. The brushes are mostly rotary or cylindrical and ‘walk-behind’ or ‘ride-on’ are the two models available. Water consumption is comparatively low.

Floor Buffing Machines

Controlled by handlebars, these machines are ideal to be used on hard floors. They are mostly used in schools and warehouses. They serve the dual purpose of cleaning and polishing. Linoleum, hardwood, tile, and marble can be best cleaned with floor buffers. They have brushes and a soft pad for cleaning and polishing respectively. 1000 RPM is the highest speed of the rotating pad while the brushes are available at variable speed. Here again you can choose between ‘ride-on’ or ‘walk-behind’ models.

Steam Cleaning Machines

As the name suggests, these machines use steam cleaning technology. These are perfect for cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning is particularly effective for killing bacteria and germs. Hospitals and day care centers are highly sensitive environments where high standards of cleanliness need to be maintained. The visitors of these places are more vulnerable to allergies or infections. As a result, a steam cleaning machine is preferred for maximum hygiene. With the use of high pressure, a hot water solution mixed with detergent is released onto the surface. The dirty water is sucked back into the machine that holds separate containers to store the cleaning solution and the contaminated water. This cleaning method has proven successful in killing dust mites and allergens on the carpet.


Every machine has some unique set of features that are ideal for different floor types. Choose a scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine or any other variety, protect the space and ensure a pleasant experience for visitors.

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