What Are The Most Popular Heets Flavors Worldwide?

What Are The Most Popular Heets Flavors Worldwide - ajmanclub

A heet is a tobacco heating unit that is installed in an IQOS holder, which heats it to produce nicotine. Heets are fitted with filters, cellulose-acetate papers, an acetate tube, polymer filmer filter, and mouth-end papers that enable it to heat tobacco without producing smoke, ash, or the foul smell of cigarettes.

Heets have played a huge role in reducing the number of people who abhor tobacco products. In fact, it has attracted some non-smokers.

However, heets not only help to make tobacco more tolerable but they also come in different flavors, which enable vapors to have a great experience. Below are some of the most popular heets flavors that you should try today!

Amber Label

Amber, as suggested by its name, is appreciated for creating an exquisite taste. It combines the taste of roasted tobacco with some nutty notes and a touch of woody flavor, resulting in a cream-like taste.

What Are The Most Popular Heets Flavors Worldwide Bronze Label - ajmanclub

Bronze Label

Bronze level heets is relatively new in the market. It merges dried fruits and some hint of cocoa to produce a soft aromatic flavor. The chocolate taste makes it one of the most preferred flavors among seasoned smokers. It is, however, not recommended for amateurs or daily consumption.

Yellow Label

It is characterized by a mushy, sweet-scented mix of tobacco and other spices like flowers, citrus, and wood. This heet flavor produces a weaker aromatic smell than its peers, making it perfect for amateur smokers and those who don’t fancy flavors.
What Are The Most Popular Heets Flavors Worldwide Bronze Label Turquoise Label - ajmanclub

Turquoise Label

It combines cold menthol, a smooth tobacco taste, and a hint of spicy notes like flowers and citrus to create an expensive taste. It produces a flavor that’s more menthol-like than tobacco. However, it leaves an authentic tobacco taste in the mouth. Its unique taste makes it ideal for pampering.


Green Zing

The green zing has one of the most refined tastes. A mixture of herbal notes and fresh citrus gives it a rich and cooling menthol flavor. The first taste you get when you use zing heets is a slight touch of sour lemon, followed by fermented tea-like taste, a taste of menthol, and lastly, tobacco. So, if you need lemon tea sensation, this is your go-to flavor.


Purple Label

It is derived from a mixture of freshly blended tobacco, wild berry scent, and menthol. The first taste you get when you inhale it is menthol, which caresses the throat, after which the wild berry taste sets in completing its taste. This flavor is recommended for everyday use.


Gold Selection

It has a smooth taste of roasted tobacco mashed with light freshening shades and oils from patchouli. This taste is thought to be a high breed of amber and bronze.


Which Is Your Favorite Flavor?

No doubt. There are different flavors of heets across the world, which makes the process of choosing the best brand more challenging. However, with the help of this guideline, you will be able to find a flavor that suits your needs.

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